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Creating participation cycle

For the week 45 we had agreed on a homework for everyone to think more on their own ideas about what the “participation cycle” could be like. Last time we had come up with the idea that our end product would be a certain kind of package for the municipality. It would include more specific ideas about the tools that we had presented for the municipality early on. From this point of view, we had quite similar thoughts about what the entity of this package would be like.

We all shared the idea that the first step should be about informing people what and when something would happen. The next step after this would be a workshop. We used an idea of a workshop because we had our own experiences, for e.g “konttikahvila” - pop-up cafe in a container - where people can easily stop by to the “kontti” and talk directly with the officials. We also had in common the idea about the third phase that would be gathering the opinions. We agreed that there should also be another step where people would be informed about how their opinions had effected. This is usually quite difficult from the resident’s point of view because one hardly knows what kinds of decisions are done on the bases of the gathered opinions. These four steps we wanted to be linked to the official decision making. These steps were gathered to the first draft of our “participation cycle” presented in the beginning.

From this point of view, we started to develop the presentation for our next meeting with the municipality of Asikkala which was held as a Skype meeting on Thursday morning. This meeting was the next one after visiting Asikkala. Compared to the idea presented before, we had come up with more of a package solution than an individual tool. When we presented the idea of the “participation cycle” to the officials, the overall flexibility of the package was something that got good feedback from them. This was, however, the first draft of our whole package which we had ideas on but hadn’t yet think those through. The aim was however clear: to make flexible package including different ways to get people to participate. For the next week the aim is to start developing this cycle more thoroughly and focus on the Mid-pitch.
Working hours total: 28 hours
Next task: Developing the idea of a “participation cycle” and start to develop Mid-pitch for the next week.