The Demola Jam #2 | Demola Tampere

The Demola Jam #2

We had our second Demola jam on Saturday 22nd of November. First thing after arriving to the jam was to divide the team in different expertises. Our facilitator Aino suggested us to go to different workshops to get ideas from various points of view. Lilli and Mari went for the social sciences, Chau was our master of graphic design and Taina and Tiia joined the economics workshop, in order to get some ideas considering marketing.

After warming up with some funny exercises the working started with the program and we were divided by the expertise groups. In the design group everyone presented briefly their projects and explained the most problematic issue concerning their project. After that, they did a brainstorming round, using five minutes for each project, trying to answer the main questions. For us, Chau wondered about the user experience design and how to make it look clear and simple. People were giving useful hints on some applications that we could try for making a mock-up of a web-page, and ideas for making the product  as a game. Moreover, the group helped to design sketchy logos for our project.

In the social sciences group, the working started with everyone telling their opinions on what are essential skills that social scientist can use in these kind of projects. Skills, such as multidisciplinary field of knowledge and the ability to understand the big picture, were mentioned. The second round was more about specifying everyone’s own personal skills that we had had the chance to use in our projects. The last part of the workshop was the most fruitful one, as all the projects were given feedback and current problems were talked about amongst the group.

Also the economics workshop was about giving and receiving feedback on the projects and marketing. The idea was to have a 5 minutes session with another group pitching our idea to them and giving feedback on the other team’s project. There were many good points that we wrote down and have considered during further developing of the project. Many of them were things that we had thought a lot before, for example: why would a resident get interested or use our product? During the week we had done a really sketchy demo of a website that supports our concept, so we were showing it to the other teams, in order to clarify the idea of our project.

During the day we had plenty of time to work with the team and develop our idea further. We decided to present the process as a linear in stead of a cycle and gave the product a workname, “Silta” or “SILTA” (bridge).  All in all, It was really helpful to pitch our idea to other teams and hear their opinions on our project. Moreover, hearing how the other teams were doing was inspiring as well.


Working hours: 62 hours in total for week 9.

Next task: Developing the prototype further