Demola Jam and the first pitch, more fruitful ideas are coming! | Demola Tampere

Demola Jam and the first pitch, more fruitful ideas are coming!

What has happened: NABC workshop and Demola Jam

 Our tasks: learning NABC model, attribute – value mapping method, making agile prototype, quick analysing the target users.


We attended Demola Jam on Saturday morning, 11th October , with croissants and coffee for warm breakfast. It started slowly a long working day. Later than, the Jam ran really fast and compactly with different sessions. We learnt and applied the attribute – value mapping method, which can be useful in analysing the relation between the solution, its attributes and its values for users. We also figured our target users and developed our quick personas for Asikkala people. 

For attribute-value method, we reanalysed the users’ needs, what we might provide within our solution and which values it brings about. In our project, we have two different user groups, the municipality and the people. Their needs are overlapping at some points, but including different opinions on the other hand. At this phase, we have the general requirements from the Asikkala municipality. Furthermore, we portrayed the Asikkala people from different age groups. The demographical data from Tilastokeskus pointed out that Asikkala has an aging population structure, which draws more attention into the service for the middle-aged and pensioners. Our group agreed to have a field trip in Asikkala to collect more information about people and their opinions about the decision – making process.

After a fast lunch and many cups of coffee, the jam ran into “shitty” prototype making. Every group had about 20 minutes to develop an agile demo to present. We ended up in a demo for mapping tool integrating with polling feature. We had our first slogan “Feed me your feed back” and a funny animated avatar - as an indicator of public participation in the decision-making process. This “shitty” prototype could be considered as a gaming approach to a service tool for Asikkala. It brought fresh atmosphere for our very first presentation with Demola community, as a friendly hello from Asikkala groups.

While other groups went out on street for fast interview with their first demos, we worked on our questionnaire for our field trip in Asikkala. We wrapped up the jam with our primary ideas for the next step, heading for the next pitch without slide. All groups will apply the value creation method – NABC in all pitches. This NABC method provides us a useful tool to balance the users’ needs and our approach with focus on true values for the users.

For the first 3 weeks, we finished the first draft for playbook, which generalizes our method, tools and requirements. We also developed some ideas for demo building, then promoting our project in the first pitch. Our Asikkala project runs smoothly and in good coherence. Let’s move on the next phase for demo developing.


Working hours: totally 76.3 hours for week 3+4.

Next tasks: Field trip in Asikkala, preparation for the second meeting with Asikkala municipality.

- by Chau Nguyen, 16th October.