Finalizing Silta and having the final meeting with the project partner

Finalizing Silta and having the final meeting with the project partner

Four months ago we started this project from starting point stating that we should develop a product that would increase grassroot level influence in Asikkala municipality. After many brainstorming and meetings, we have come far from the first drafts that we have had about our product. Last time in the final pitch we presented our end product, Silta, to the Demola people. After that our main task has been clear: to finish our package and make a good presentation to be presented in our final meeting with the project partner. We have had intensive few days working on the instructions and trying to finalize every part of the package. On Wednesday afternoon we gathered to Telakka for final preparations. We made final changes to the instructions and also worked on the layout for that. Most importantly, we prepared our presentation for the final meeting with the Asikkala municipality.

So, on Thursday morning at 9 am we started to head towards Asikkala for our final meeting with the project partner. We were all very excited and looking forward to present our product to the officials. In the presentation we focused on the details of this package and tried to show clearly and efficiently what is our product about. Our Silta package- method, instructions and webpage- got good feedback from the officials. The overall impression was that we had come up with clear product and presented it well. After the presentation we talked about how Asikkala could use Silta in the future and how the project will continue after this meeting.

This project has been a very interesting and motivating one for all of us. We've been very excited to work on this and we're keen to develop this idea more in the future. Asikkala municipality has also now confirmed that they will apply Silta to their use. For now, Demola part of the project is over but Silta will definitely be developed. Silta team thanks!

Working hours: totally 90 hours for the week 4