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Call for partners for Demola Tampere Autumn 2018!

Multidisciplinary and fresh perspectives for your organisation 

Demola brings together employees from partner organisations and students from the higher education institutions in Tampere to tackle agile projects. Each year, hundreds of projects are implemented worldwide on Demola’s innovation platform. Demola is a concept developed by the higher education community in Tampere. Next batch of co-creation projects starts in August 2018.

Demola’s model of co-creation benefits organisations that are looking to:

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Two cases available for applications until 11th of March

Missed the application period for second batch of 2018? Don't worry there are still two last minute cases open for applications until sunday! Here is your chance, be quick and apply!

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Call for Applications Ends 8 March!

Students, the application period for Demola IV Period 2018 projects ends March 8!

If you want to make a difference, work on real-life cases together with (not for) partner companies, be innovative and creative, take responsibility, be the expert of your field, brainstorm within multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, create concrete demos and receive ECTS credit points, it’s time to act now.


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Explore the Unseen

Call for Partners!

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Demola Spring 2018 - Call for Applications!

Demola Spring 2018 - Call for Applications open 15.12. - 21.12.2017!

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Demola Autumn 2017 Change in the application period

Hello Dear Students!

We here at Demola hope that your semester has gotten off to a good start. Due to the cooperation between Demola and Tampere3, the application period for the Autumn Campaign has changed. The period is now 4.9.2017 - 17.9.2017.

But fear not, with all the extra time in our hands this can only mean that the upcoming campaign will be even bigger and better. Stay tuned and apply. We're looking forward to your applications and to having an amazing autumn with you.

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Annual Report 2016 & Demola Innovation Guide

The Annual Report 2016 of Demola Tampere has been published. As part of Demola 500 - Demola Tampere accomplishing 500 projects since the beginning in 2008, we have as well rendered our experiences to a booklet named Demola Innovation Guide.

For the potential rainy days of Finnish summer, please find both Annual Report 2016 and Demola Innovation Guide in Issuu or get your own copy at New Factory!

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Demola Autumn 2017 - Call for Projects

It's that time of the year again when Demola is looking for brave companies to tackle everyday issues through innovation.

We here at Demola are starting to plan the Demola Autumn 2017 campaign, and as such, we are opening our call for projects to companies. Demola is the perfect way to tackle issues to which you might not have an answer, or simply the way to bring an exciting fresh of breath air into your everyday activities. Let a group of talented and inspired students work alongside you in order to solve this problem together.

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Demola Spring 2017 - Best Project Award

The Demola Spring 2017 campaign has been truly one to remember, not only was it the first campaign to ever have a sub-theme (9 projects from the HealthTech sector), but it also marked the 500th project in the history of Demola Tampere. The end of each campaign signals, among many things, the selection of the best project.

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Demola 2017 1st Quarter Highlights

Hey, so a lot has been going on at Demola over the course of the present year. Here’s a summary of the most notable events of the 1st quarter of 2017.


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