Demola Autumn 2017 - Call for Projects

It's that time of the year again when Demola is looking for brave companies to tackle everyday issues through innovation.

We here at Demola are starting to plan the Demola Autumn 2017 campaign, and as such, we are opening our call for projects to companies. Demola is the perfect way to tackle issues to which you might not have an answer, or simply the way to bring an exciting fresh of breath air into your everyday activities. Let a group of talented and inspired students work alongside you in order to solve this problem together.

This time around the campaign will have a specific theme, Demola Meets Nature. This means than in addition to our regular acitivites there will be a focus on projects related to forestry, natural resources and other similar topics. As a part of this campaign, the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luonnonvarakeskus) will as a strategic stakeholder.

Don't hesitate to contact us so that together we can find out how Demola can give your company an innovative boost forward. Let's innovate together.