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Call for Partners!

Demola is a platform for companies to effectively experiment and test new ideas, but also to validate and solve problems. Demola projects offer you the possibility to work with multidisciplinary talented teams in a fully facilitated innovation environment consisting of university students, researchers and other companies. You will be working with a talent team in a 2-month co-creation process and participate in problem validation, concept development, demo building and end-user validation. The outcome: quick and agile experiments that deliver accumulated knowledge and expertise, inspired and empowered personnel, as well as tangible demos as a basis and inspiration for further development.


What kind of projects are done in Demola?

The most suitable projects for Demola are open challenges solving meaningful problems. In Demola, we aim for disruptive, non-incremental development. The projects done in Demola are from a very wide range varying from public sector and technology to media and education, just to name a few, and the teams are formed from a diverse pool of university talents based on the needs of the project. We have worked with various companies and public sector organisations, such as Nokia, Valmet, Intel, OP, City of Tampere, Ministry of Education and Culture, YLE and over 700 other companies worldwide.


How to take part?

Be in touch! We are constantly looking for new partners who are interested in discovering something new. The next project batch begins in March so don’t hesitate to contact our Demola Tampere site manager Jarmo, jarmo@demola.net, or facilitator Heini-Marja, heini-marja.rintaniemi@demola.net.