What to expect when applying to Demola in the 2nd period, 2018?

Hi there, student! 

Did you already apply to Demola or are you still planning on doing so? Check out below what it means to be part of a Demola team, what you should expect from us and what we expect from you, respectively.

If you want to put theory into practice, work on real-life cases from partner companies where the company representative is part of your team, brainstorm within and interact with a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, be innovative and creative, create concrete demos and receive ECTS credit points, think no more and apply.

We are looking for talents from all the universities in Tampere(3). Demola is for everyone, and you can freely apply to any project that interests you. The most important aspect is to have the right attitude, motivation and confidence that you can contribute to the project in some way. Your major, minors, skills, passions or hobbies can become an essential piece of the puzzle in building project success.

In Demola, we use agile methods instead of the traditional R&D, and we have a great variety of challenging topics from different project partners. We have also adjusted our process to match the universities' periodic system, which means that we have two batches in the spring term and two batches in the autumn term.

As Demola projects last for one period, they offer you a chance to work intensively with other students as well as your project partner. That is why we are also looking for motivated students who are willing to put in the hours. Your team will manage and decide when you want to work on the project, although Demola has four milestones that require your presence (see below). The events are hosted at Tribe Tampere premises called P47 (Pinninkatu 47), usually lasting from 9am/10am to 3pm/4pm. 

  II period 2018
Kickoff October 24
JAMS I October 29 - 30
JAMS II November 21
Final Demonstration December 13

Check out the projects on http://tampere.demola.net/apply, choose the most interesting project for you and click "apply". You can also add two other projects that interest you in the application AND you can update your application when new projects are published. Basically, there's no reason why not to apply right away! Make sure, though, that you show what you are made of in the application because we often receive more applications than we have slots in projects.

Call for Applications for the 2nd period is open until mid October, and we publish new project throughout September. Stay tuned and apply, well, now!