Annual Report 2016

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The brief

Demola Tampere campaigns of the year 2016 contain a huge amount of interesting stories, projects, results and people – even for facilitators it is hard to have a holistic picture of year’s activities. That’s why Demola Tampere needs an Annual Report!


The background

The first Annual Report was done on spring 2015 with the initial goal to start documenting the main events and achievements of the year in one covers. The Annual Report teams normally consist of Demola alumni, who have first-hand knowledge of the past year. The published booklet aimed to attract 4 target groups which are Universities (TAMK, TUT, UTA); Students (newcomers); Companies (project clients); and Alumni-participants.

The problem

How could the activities and results of Demola Tampere year 2016 be packaged in form of a booklet, leaflet or brochure? What is important in Demola Tampere activities? Which projects, media hits, events and gadgets should be given more visibility and a firmer place in history?


As a continuation of Annual Reports 2014 and 2015, the team’s goal is to wrap up the results of Demola Tampere year 2016 in a physical, printed form. The goal should be well-balanced, focusing on all - the spring, summer and autumn campaigns.

The team can freely plan the form, content and illustrations of the project result. Supporting basic guidelines will be given by facilitators, based on the previous Annual Reports. If team decides so, the result can be created in digital form in addition to the print one. The budget of printed booklet, leaflet or brochure will be decided during the project, according to team’s research and proposals.