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API & Blockchain – The Killer Combo

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • engineering

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The brief

DBE core open API is a state-of-the-art framework that makes communication for systems of companies of all sizes seamless and trustworthy. Now it’s your chance to dive deep into blockchains and APIs with credited project partner in order to create demo-use cases for system of the future!

The background

The Digital Business Ecosystem (link) is an open development platform that aims to create new value by integrating supply chain processes and data. DBE brings an easy solution for digital information exchange and DBE Core partners will jointly deploy them for business ecosystem collaboration. it is utilizing latest technologies, industrial REST API and Blockchain technologies based on UBL/ISO standards etc. The API solution is created initially from business point of view and its value in action is unquestioned. Now it’s time to show the whole business ecosystem, what are the best practices to deploy it. More information about DBE Core: https://goo.gl/Wk4gAQ

The problem

The challenge is to define concept, reference architecture and –design to be used by community members as they build the community APIs. Key aspect of API maintenance are interoperability, scalability, easy to implement, easy to maintain and easy to integrate to back office systems. Basically, the goal for DBE Core is to be the epitome of efficient and delightful API platform that sincerely utilizes blockchain. Come and join to show, what are the key ingredients required to achieve such feat?