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AR/VR Broadcasting

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The brief

The exciting world of e-sports is growing rapidly with over 9 million viewers tuning into ELeague every year. But it's time to take e-sports to the next level and add AR and VR to its live broadcast events! Keho Interactive has new studio technology that can make this possible and needs your help to make it a success.

The background

Keho Interactive's technology was in the key role during the live hologram interaction in the interview from Helsinki to Pyeong Chang during the winter Olympics. The very same technology took care of all the AR/VR graphics in the studio broadcasts (see, so it could be also used in e-sports broadcasts. It would offer to the broadcasters a whole new set of tools and different ways to present e-sports. Currently, live broadcasts of e-sports incorporate the broadcasters' prediction, banter, reaction, and analysis of the game but lacks interactive engaging visuals. We want to improve the viewer's experience by adding interactive and AR/VR graphics to live broadcasts that would draw in and engage the viewing audience.

The problem

We want to get fresh, innovative, and out-of-the-box ideas that fulfil the needs of our customers (broadcasters and/or event organizers). What is missing from current e-sports broadcasts? What kind of interactive content would be suitable for e-sports broadcasts? What would make e-sports live streaming more exciting and appealing to a wider audience? What is the future of AR/VR and e-sports? What are the enablers Keho Interactive can provide to the customers? We're looking for talents such as e-sports enthusiasts, people with a passion for video games, media & TV students, computer games, online gaming, media experts, 3D-graphics, storytelling, those with interest or expertise in AR/VR, UX, anyone with a competitive and creative spirit.