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Energy Management for Homes

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • engineering

Project Blog

Link to our blog - 28.9.2016

The brief

It’s possible nowadays to collect all the essential energy consumption information of a home. But how should the information be served to homes, residents and janitors in order to be most useful?


The background

Automaatio-Center is full-service house specializing in HVAC automation. Automaatio-Center provides its customers the necessary devices to save pure money.

The problem

Automaatio-Center has all the means to measure and collect the data related to energy consumption in houses and apartments. Nowadays this information goes on a traditional way specifically to janitors – but the modern technology brings a lot new ways to package the information to one simple solution for not only the janitors but as well to households and residential companies.

The result of the project can include a mobile application, web solution, staircase display, means of augmented reality or something totally else – depending on what would be best service for the actual end-users of consumption info.

The ideal team has the following skills:

  • Automation and energy
  • Back-end development / servers
  • Front-end development / web + mobile
  • Concepting and business