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The brief

Buying an apartment is a big investment but sometimes the price is too good to be true if e.g. the maintenance investments are overlooked. What could be done to change that?

The background

We at Alma Mediapartners want to understand what kind of information people, who are buying apartments, already have about the costs and how much it correlates with the knowledge needed to understand the overall costs that accumulate over the years (e.g. costs of maintenance backlogs such as pipeline renovation).

The problem

Imagine yourself buying an apartment. The assumed price of living is, say, €800/month but the truth is different when maintenance backlogs etc. affect the price over the years. These unforeseen expenses naturally make you and many other people frustrated and angry. How can we at Alma Mediapartners ensure that the lack of knowledge does not hurt you in the long run? How can we help you to increase your knowledge in an understandable yet interesting manner?