Intelligent Privacy Metadata

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • engineering

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The brief

All kinds of documents can be protected and defined as your private information. How could this be made automatic? What sort of privacy features could be resolved automatically by artificial intelligence?

The background

M-Files is one simple way to access and manage information. M-Files as a company is Tampere-based, international and growing fast.

More information:

The problem

In this project the team dives to the world of what makes specific document or information private or public. Priority is to find these features and concepts of resolving them automatically – and then adding the privacy info as metadata for the document.

Intelligent Privacy Metadata Provider will be very valuable as a tool – also when fulfilling the criteria of General Data Protection Regulation.

More specifically as examples, project will focus to:

•          Defining what privacy data falling under GDPR companies typically have

•          By using AI or more traditional methods, building a method for recognizing material falling under GDPR as a subset from a bigger set of miscellaneous material (finnish or English)

•          Planning how to add the method as part of M-Files (by using the M-Files Metadata Provider technology)


Project skills

In the team, at least follofing skills are needed:

  • Knowledge and information management
  • Software development
  • Business and concepts