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The brief

The data collected from social welfare and health care performance measures are not utilized to their fullest potential at organizational level. We at LivingSkills have created a service for these purposes, but we want to learn even more about the new and various ways this data could be used. Can we, e.g., make a needed change on how the social welfare and health care procurements in the public sector are currently evaluated?

The background

The public sector spends vast amount of money annually on social welfare and health care services, yet the method of evaluating and comparing these services and their effectiveness is still inefficient. Currently, these services are compared based on their performance and not on their impact, which is a challenge that needs to be solved. LivingSkills is a Finnish start-up company established in 2016 by a multi-professional team. LivingSkills provides tailor-made web-based tools for assessment. LivingSkills tools can be used for example as a rehabilitation tool in services for mental health patients and the disabled patients. You can also evaluate the of support when working with the elderly or families in children welfare. They can be used as an assessment tool for evaluating the quality of life of a service user and the well-being of their family. The LivingSkills Mission is to improve workflow and reporting in individual as well as in organizational level.

The problem

We want to offer a service that fulfils the needs of our customers and that may also benefit our society on a grand scale. What needs to be taken into account if we want to enable the comparison of procurements based on their success and impact? How can we do the comparison also at the organizational level in a convenient and efficient way? How can we reach the full potential of our service and our LivingSkills tools? What is the data our customers need from our LivingSkills tools? Cold other future technologies be used to reach these goals? We're looking for students from: Administrative studies – health care management – social welfare – service design – data analytics – software engineering – coding (JavaScript, Angular, MongoDb, Node.js. and data security)