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Project Skills

  • coding
  • design & art
  • engineering
  • media & communications

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The brief

The students will implement a powerful, yet simple to use music streaming Web service built on top of automatic music analysis algorithms developed at Nokia.

The problem

The Audiovisual Analytics team at Nokia Technologies have been working on algorithms for automatic music annotation. The algorithms are able to recognize, for example, the genre of a track and the instruments being played on it. The aim of the project would be to utilize the information generated by the algorithms to provide listeners with an awesome Web-based UI for listening to and discovering new music.

Over the course of the project, the students are to implement a music streaming UI, where the listener selects the type of music they want to listen to by clicking pictures corresponding to musical characteristics (tags) of songs. The type of music may be refined by selecting multiple tags from series of views shown to the user.


The students are encouraged to innovate on top of the main idea.

Tools: Backend: team can select e.g. PHP, MySQL,… Frontend: HTML5/CSS


Skills desired: 

Graphical design (2 person), Web-programming (2 person, [min 1]).

Very strong focus on graphical design!