Next generation's discussion program

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • design & art
  • education
  • media & communications
  • social science

The brief

Yle (Finnish Broadcasting Company) is looking for a new talk show/discussion program concept for younger audience (yrs 20-30). 

The background

Yle wants to offer interesting content for all - also young adults. At the moment Yle's four national tv-channels, six radio-channels and a considerable web-presence attract mainly 45+ audience.


Yle has some succesful transmedia consepts, like the Docventures, that have attracted also audience who wouldn't normally choose Yle to watch. The Docventures combined traditional tv (documentary and live discussion) and social media. It managed to create happenings in social media (e.g. Lihaton lokakuu - Meatless October and Liity kirkkoon - Join a Church) that got considerable media and public attention. Is this the right way to create discussion or should we look totally somewhere else?


We want to bring our discussion programs to the next level. What would a modern, interesting, engageing and entertaining discussion program/talk show look like?


The problem

What kind of discussion program concept would interest people of age 20-30? What are the elements of such a program and what are the right medias? Tv, radio, web, apps? Should it combine different medias and how?  What kind of contents are of interest? 



The solution

The project group will produce a consept or format or formats of which Yle will choose the most promising one for further development. If the format is mature enough, Yle will produce a demo of the format.