OpenDigi – the Massive Online Learning Experience

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The brief

Current Government plans aims to promote the use of digital learning environments and materials in education. Ministry of Education and Culture has proceeded to develop the training of basic education teachers and to succeed in this task, it is decided to implement modern online education environment which would provide up-to-date in-service training about digital culture, pedagogy and technology

The background

The purpose of the massive online learning experience (OpenDigi) is to strengthen the teacher's digipedagogic skills and to support the pedagogically appropriate use of digital tools and environments in teaching. The e-learning module for digital learning also aims at the institutional development of educational institutions by means of studying and peer learning.
OpenDigi (when ready) includes, among others, the following content areas:
1) basic and advanced use of digital tools
2) the use and production of digital content;
3) digital communication and
4) collaboration with digital media.
5) digital pedagogy,

In addition, the study module includes themes of creative, social and critical media skills.
OpenDigi is based on competence-based approach and is implemented using the blended learning method and utilizes the close support of schools tutors. The contents can be studied through flipped learning. The OpenDigi is utilized by versatile working methods, the idea of gamification and the problem-solving materials. In the OpenDigi, we utilize different materials and working methods online and face-to-face (eg video Lecture, teamwork, problem solving in pairs, tutor discussions and support, online tasks, summary and feedback online and face-to-face).


The problem

For the OpenDigi to succeed, we need thorough look in to the realm of different mooc- and online learning platforms. From this intensive investigation, the team must choose with the project partner the most suitable and then to implement working prototype for OpenDigi to continue the work after the summer. For the continuation, clear documentation and communication is needed.
We are expecting to have working platform prototype at the end of the summer with one online material as a demo for the Massive Online Learning experience. The topic for the online material is choosed with the project partner. Platform must support as many types of media and the platform must enable mobile learning.
Prototype must also support the MPASS-authentication method and to support the use of already existing accounts the teachers have. Project partner will provide sufficient support in the integration of MPASS to the chosen platform