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Participation as a Town Service

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • design & art
  • engineering
  • environment
  • governance
  • media & communications
  • social science

The brief

In Hämeenkyrö, there are two centers in one town. One of them is lively, busy and fully booked with businesses while the other one is waiting for the last visitor to shut it all down. Distance between these two is less than 3 kilometers but in people’s perception, it is much more.

We are looking for fresh, out-of-the-box and even disruptive approaches how to turn the attitude of dying village into active neighborhood and bring the two centers closer to each other.  The solution should support the citizen’s participation opportunities by utilizing already existing tools.


The background

Hämeenkyrö municipality is located 35 kilometers from Tampere.  Hämeenkyrö has two centers, Kirkonkylä (“the church village”) and Kyröskoski, about three kilometers apart. Kyröskoski has a background with big industry and the milieu is historically important. Nowadays Kyröskoski area is facing the problem of businesses moving away which lead to less active surroundings. Lots of useful infrastructure, like the new bioenergy plant and national highway 3 passing through the town, is available.

Hämeenkyrö is known of its beautiful national landscape and environment, which is well noticed also in the Finnish art and literature. Environment values and ecology are highly emphasized in all the actions.


The problem

The project focuses on developing the active attitude which encourages citizens to participate in the regional developing process in Hämeenkyrö. What is the real influence of highway 3? How did the shutdown of one of the paper machines affect the atmosphere?  Is there a rivalry between two areas?  Turn your thinking upside down and find the positive approach on how to create a common way in order to spread the wealth into the whole area.

What are the ways of finding and encouraging local initiatives?

The surroundings have a lot of potential – your duty is to find out how to convince citizens to use it!


Business & Concepts / Industrial Managements / Local government / Regional Development / Tourism / Sociology / Architect