Predictive Care of The Future

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • healthcare
  • media & communications

The brief

Preventive care is often considered as the most efficient way to reduce health care costs. Especially elderly care and child care are high cost services that could be either prevented completely or postponed significantly. Attendo is in a position to make significant investments early on to these services. To evaluate the return of investment there needs to be well defined and measurable key performance indicators (KPI) that show the effectiveness of the preventive care actions.

The background

Attendo is responsible for providing all social and healthcare services for seven municipalities in Finland. The business model is a fixed annual fee, which means covering all costs of care regardless of the actual costs for 5-15 years. Therefore it is very important to minimize the lifetime costs by focusing on preventive care. Attendo is listed in NASDAQ Stockholm. Attendo Finland employs ~7000 professionals in Finland.

The problem

The problem is to find the KPIs that can be followed up regularly and that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of care. Medical records provide lots of information that is partially useful but some information is missing. Instead of the current medical records, Attendo wants the team to define a set of KPIs that would indicate the risks of high cost services in the future. The challenge is to find new ways to collect this data by improving Attendo’s processes or by using new technologies. Also, Attendo would like to understand how the preventive care given to certain patient profile has reduced the overall costs of care and improved the lives of Attendo’s customers.

Project skills (20-40 words)

We are looking for students interested in healthcare management and economics. Understanding basics of social and healthcare is important. Analytical skills, excel skills and statistics skills are mandatory.