Real WLAN Performance

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • design & art
  • engineering

Project Blog

Final meeting - 19.6.2017
Final Pitching Event - 18.6.2017
Mid-Pitching Event - 18.6.2017
Work in progress - 20.4.2017
Beginning - 7.2.2017

The brief

Project purpose is to develop simple test system to measure mobile phones’, tablets’ and laptops’ real data speed in real life simulating test environment. Target is also to develop understandable way to present test results.


The background

Zero Reception Oy develops world’s first reception performance maximized mobile phone for professional and business users. One part of the wireless technology is WLAN and in order to be able to measure rivals devices’ WLAN performance, new test method is needed. Test method and system is expanded later also to test other technologies, like 2G, 3G and LTE. 

The problem

Phones’, tablets’ and laptops’ WLAN reception performance varies a lot in real life environments. Most common use case is normal house, where WLAN router is located in other side of the house and user tries to browse web, call video call or watch for example Netflix on other side. User experience can be everything between positive to real bad, depending which gadget is used.

At the moment normal user has no possibility to know different gadgets’ WLAN performance before purchase. Purpose of this project is to make that information available. Project offers possibility to develop for the first time test method for real life WLAN testing.

We are looking for students with interest in backend programming, device testing, user interface / graphical design and web programming.