Rejuvenate yourself while travelling!

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The brief

How can we help our passengers to rejuvenate when they are travelling? How can we support our passengers to keep up their healthy lifestyle during their travels?

The background

Finavia is a Finnish airport operator that enables smooth international and domestic flight connections through its airport network. While helping Finns travel around the world and tourists reach different destinations in Finland, the greatest part of our growth comes from connecting Europe to numerous destinations in Asia. The customer experience we want our passengers to remember is based on four main factors: gift of time, confidence, feeling of refreshment and Finnish experiences.

The problem

Just because you are on the go and travelling, doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice your normal lifestyle routines. How can we provide opportunities for travelers to be active and promote health in the airports? We want our airports to be a happy and refreshing experience for travelers. What could rejuvenation services look like? Where should they be located? How can we make them attractive and usable for customers? Keep in mind that there is no extra space at the airport, and all such services and opportunities would need to be integrated to the existing premises and passenger journeys in an innovative way. 

What are the services or products that customers would be most attracted to? Gyms, wellbeing services, spa services, other alternatives? What triggers would make travelers engage with these opportunities? 

We are looking for a team with the ability to understand our customer needs and translate them into meaningful new services.