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Social Biowaste Reduction System

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • engineering
  • environment

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The brief

The idea is further develop, innovate and build a working proto of bio waste scaling system that enables to reduce the amount of bio waste in restaurants. The social aspect is a feature that personal minimum amount of waste can be published and good environmental behavior promoted in social media – with a playful and educative taste.

The background

Juvenes is a multi-industry corporation that produces high-quality restaurant and café services, meeting, event and sauna facilities and catering, kiosks as well as printing and publishing services. Juvenes Corporation employs 140 people and its turnover in 2015 was 17 million euros. Juvenes restaurants serve on average 1.4 million meals each year. Juvenes Print is one of main suppliers of printed publications for the state’s central procurement unit, Hansel.

The problem

We have a tested idea that a scale under bio waste basket can provide a personal feedback about individual’s amount of bio waste. The problem is to actual build a working prototype (that can be further taken into wider use) and run a pilot. Also the idea of matching the scaled result to one’s personal account and social media activity needs more ideas. Also the positive educative approach to reduce the amount of waste needs to be further developed. One major target is not to establish a register that has to be maintained and includes personal information.

To help get work ongoing we have results and background from previous efforts.


Project skills

We are looking for students with interest and skill in UX, environment studies, technical implementation and programming.