Unleash Yepzon Digital!

Project Skills

  • design & art
  • media & communications

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The brief

A Finnish start-up company Yepzon needs to crack the secret of successful, engaging and traffic-driving digital marketing. Can you unleash Yepzon digital in 3 months?! Free hands to create and test, of course not forgetting the hands-on attitude to variety of tasks in an agile and fast-moving start-up world 

The background

Yepzon (www.yepzon.com) was founded in 2013 by Otto Linna, who was amazed on the amount of children being missing and never found in the world. Currently with 2 different products, Yepzon is the technology lead in its area providing positioning services to wide range of target groups: kids, pets, elderly, personal possession, personal safety etc. 3 marketing channels are mainly used: TV, Digital and Instore/retailer channels.

The problem

Several digital marketing agencies (requiring substantial budgets) have tried to activate and engage consumers with the Yepzon brand. The results have been ok, but something is missing. Is it the tonality we speak with? Is it the channels we use? Is it our visual images that don’t catch the eye? Or is it just the brand awareness and our presence in the market?

During the 3 month project we expect to have answers to these questions through extensive testing of different digital channels and means of communication of course supported with a detailed analysis reported weekly to the Yepzon lead team.