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You've Got The Power

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • design & art
  • engineering
  • environment
  • media & communications

The brief

Is electricity something that is “just there” - no questions asked? It sparkles into your everyday life without getting any attention. But could it be more? What would it take to encourage people to take an active role in electricity use? To put simply, how can you feel the energy?

The background

Jyväskylän Energia is an energy company that sells electricity to consumers and companies in Finland from Hanko to Utsjoki. In Jyväskylä city area we have water, district heat and electricity networks in which we operate. And in our plants we also produce water, electricity and district heat.

Our slogan is Elämää Varten – For Better Living. And that’s what we want to offer to our customers. The future Jyväskylän Energia is spontaneous, smart, smooth, people-centered and inventive. &

The problem

Electricity briefly enters our mind when we need to charge our mobile. We find the charger, plug it in and forget it.  Or when we pay electricity bill. We crumble and forget it.  And then, when the power is off, our lives are harshly disturbed. Since electricity is so vital in our lives, why aren’t we more conscious about it?

The consumer energy sales is a very competitive market with the price of energy being the decisive factor. At the same time the product differentiation is very limited. The million dollar question is how to make our company’s electricity feel different from other suppliers’ energy – how to make electricity visible, touchable and raise emotions.

Does it change the equation if you produce part of your energy yourself e.g. with solar panels. Will that make you think of electricity differently? What about safety? How can electricity help us to safeguard our most precious asset – our loved ones?

Just couple of examples – we are willing to hear your vision how to make you to feel the sparkle!

Project skills

We need a team that is courageous and eager to revolutionize electricity business. Make a change – You’ve Got the Power!

Suitable for the students from eg. fields of:

  • Energy  & Environment
  • Business & Concepts
  • Service Design  & Marketing
  • Graphical Design