From cycle to bridge | Demola Tampere

From cycle to bridge

This week our project experienced a kind of ”enlightenment” when a participation bridge replaced our very dear participation cycle! We had been talking about the cycle/circle so long, that we were almost blind to any other options. Then we started to think about the steps in the cycle and how it was misleading in the way that the last step was linked to the first one by an arrow. A more timeline kind of thinking was more accurate for our package, and so came the idea of a bridge. Silta (bridge in Finnish) also became naturally our working name for our product.

Thanks to Jam session on Saturday (or maybe even to the bridge) we had gotten over some of our projects problems. This weeks meeting started out fluently and it seemed like our general idea for the whole project was clearer. We had been pondering about the difficulties of the web pages and on some differing views within our group on the outcome of our project. But by focusing on the content for each step of the package and starting to work on the guidelines, the project became clearer for us.


Workinh hours: 48,5 h

Next task: To develop Silta further