Demola Spring 2017 - Best Project Award

The Demola Spring 2017 campaign has been truly one to remember, not only was it the first campaign to ever have a sub-theme (9 projects from the HealthTech sector), but it also marked the 500th project in the history of Demola Tampere. The end of each campaign signals, among many things, the selection of the best project. The road to glory started out in the form of the Final Pitching Event. 27 teams set out to impress the jury and the audience, only 5 teams would be selected to go on the the NFO and pitch their solutions in front of an enthusiastic and innovative-minded audience of 300 people. The overall high level of pitches made the selection to jury and facilitators a very difficult one, but after a lenghty discussion, the selected teams were:

As it is traditional, during the spring campaigns the best project is crowned during our yearly grand New Factory Open. The NFO 2017 was the perfect stage for the 5 selected teams to show their finalized demos and thoroughly refined pitches. The energy was palpable and all 5 teams delivered fantastic pitches worthy of recognition, feel free to watch them here, starting at the 24:50 mark. The jury entrusted with the difficult task of selecting the winner was comprised of:

Petri Räsänen (Emeritus New Factory Director, Innovation Director in Tampere Region Council)
Joonas Kemppainen (Emeritus Demola Tampere Facilitator, Digitalization Wizard in Demola Network)
Esa Kokkonen (Director at the Baltic Sea Institute of Finland)

The winner of the Demola Spring 2017 campaign is...

Sense the Pressure

The jury liked the overall inovativeness of the solution, the team managed to take a simple idea, develop it into an elegant concept and turn it into a working prototype. The jury particularly appreciated how the team's solution offers so much more value when compared to the traditional alternatives available on the market, and finally the fact that the team's solution has great potential when thinking into the future and how to move forward was paramount when selecting them as campaign winners. Congratulations to the winning team, and congratulations to all other teams as well for a great ending to a memorable campaign. We the facilitators thank you for the passion and dedication you showed during the last 4 months.