Baerberg’s Busy Bees

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The brief

Bees are busy. Bees are hard-working, persistent and they never give up. During the project, we are going to create an automated swarm of drones that has a special task to fulfill and we are not talking about parcel delivery.

This summer project is a continuation of the spring 2017 project by the same name. During the summer the focus of the team is to develop their concept further while conducting field tests in a real farm to validate their design.

The background

The person behind this project is an entrepreneur Vesa-Matti Marjamäki (founding partner of, farmer at Marjamäki Farm and partner at The background of this project is to automate a certain task that is done manually at the moment all around the world. At the same time our aim is to enhance the entire process that is done at the moment manually.

The problem

During the project, we are going to build a prototype of an automated fleet of drones. The drones have a special task to fulfil by using geolocation. The drones carry a certain kind of a tool/gadget (fairly heavy) to fulfill their duty. The project aim is to create a working prototype from the drone and the control system.