Creating UX with Study Advisory

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • design & art
  • education
  • social science

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Visit our blog! - 16.2.2017

The brief

Study Advisory is an online platform that aims to be the best fit for its users when thinking about different study opportunities globally. The vision is to build a TripAdvisor of universities. The problem is how to be more attractive for students, engage and interact with website users.

The background

Study Advisory is an educational start-up aiming to become global, the most user friendly and the most used service for students helping them out to choosing the best fit study places for them. The core of the service is the online platform with the structure of two separate sites: 

  • The prior site is a search engine for getting information about different universities.
  • The second site is an open forum (based on Wordpress) for topics like higher education, students’ life and experiences.

For the user these sites look connected.

We focus especially on the student experience, and provide information not only on the academic performance of the universities, but also on the student services, campus activities, internationality and safety of the campus. Current and former students are encouraged to leave reviews of their universities, to provide valuable information for future students. Find out more:


The problem

The need of doing marketing and student recruitment on-line has been increasing among universities during past years. Study Advisory wants to approach this market need from student perspective with special attention on users’ experience:

What do students need when they think consider about their study options? How to get them to find Study Advisory website? When they do, how to make sure that it is attractive for students to spend time there, interact with it and share the word about Study Advisory for their networks on-line and real life?

The aim is to have competitive market advantage, add more user value on website and increase the amount visitors and buzz in different media.

We are looking for a team with skills in various fields to help us to recognize and tackle some of our challenges. Some fields of interest are website developing/programming, education, business studies, social entrepreneurship, social sciences and psychology.