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The brief

The technology to propel the virtual and augmented reality applications starts to be at the grasp of a lot of people as more and more mobile devices support it. Now is the time to design the killer applications! This is the time, You + AR + Tampere Tram = Killer app.

The background

Our website: Weave is a design oriented software house, a part of Affecto ( We are located in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. There are 30 of us currently, but we are growing and hiring all the time now so we might have 40 people by the end of the year. Our most well known partner has been Yle and Yle Areena especially, where we have been since 2012 developing its various subsystems and involved in its evolution to the current API- and microservices -driven architecture and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Augmented reality has been researched in Affecto but not yet used in consumer applications and as the core thing of Weave is to design for people, we are naturally very interested in it. If a thing could prove to have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives, it interests us. We are in constant search of new talent and technology to add into our palette and at current high growth phase, do not have time to investigate every new tech that looks promising. We are excited about Demola concept and with Raitiotieallianssi’s problem, all the pieces seemed to fall together nicely.

The problem

Tampere is building a new tramway system, the first stage is to be completed in 2021. The Tramway Alliance (Raitiotieallianssi) asked public opinions for visualising the new tram stops in advance so people could learn the places where the tram can be boarded. All kinds of signs and balloons can be placed on the ground, but how well do they last in the changing construction sites and weather conditions? Why not create a simple AR application that you could look through and see the tram stops there in the landscape, completed, set in the current environment. At Weave, we are interested in all kinds of technology, like artificial intelligence, chat bots, microservices, sensor networks and latest web tech, all with the common focus: well designed user experience and services that enhance people’s lives. AR is one of the techs we would like to learn more but simply don’t have time to invest to do this kind of project by ourselves only. We at Weave see this project as a way to get familiar with AR, as well as finding potential employees in the Tampere area An ideal team would have: - A designer or two having interest in service design, in addition to artistic skills. - A couple of programmers with an exploratory mind but also view of the purpose and end-goal. - A devops-style skilled person could be needed, in deploying the application and designing the infrastructure for it. Tech skills would include hybrid or native app programming skills (IOS, Android), AR tech, maybe preferably Unity, hosting of the service would be in a cloud infrastructure like Amazon AWS.