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MATOC2C Blog - 7.3.2016

The brief

Imagine world where you get advice from other consumers for your needs. Just click and you have a specialist on-line helper for your challenge – without a travel cost. MATOC2C (Meet and Access Talents Online) is addressing to any need of help – should it be legal, negotiations, cooking, repairing or teaching skills to help you easily at your home.

Example: Do you need a tutor to support your children’s math homework? Could it be online via your tablet device? Search your helper from webpage, check recommendations from other consumers, make arrangements and pay on one single page. Or if you can instead provide your own expertise on math for students – create profile and earn money as a talent. This is the Uber-way of transferring expertise between consumers.

The background

Mato Consulting Oy (to be) is a start-up. Fouders have 10 years of experience on Customer Loyalty programs and deep understanding on what the customers are ready to buy and why – excellence on making business profitable by reducing waste (LEAN principles). In this case this means making less movements when transferring knowledge.

The problem

We need a platform where consumers can easily buy and sell their online help to other consumers.

There are plenty of consumer-to-consumer business where the real value added work is minor in relation to the time spent. People pay a lot of money to get help for short tasks – when you actually pay for the time specialist uses to move from A to B.

Your kids have a challenging math homework. You try to figure out how to help them. Why not make a connection to a part-time math teacher via your pad. Where do you find one? How do I know that service is good? Check in the MATOC2C and find reviews of different other consumers who provide the help. Click and you have a math teacher supporting your kids’ success at your home virtually. You pay only for the minutes of help.

Team needs to have skills to challenge the problem – how to build up easy “click and service” model for Consumer to Consumer business.

As there is money included there is lots of skills needed for architect and security:

  • Platform:
    • Buyers view: How to find the needed talent for needs.
    • Ordering and scheduling interactions with consumers and consumers.
    • Money transactions
  • Service provider:
    • Create profile and receive leads and orders.
  • Business:
    • Money transactions between customer to talent and provision to company.
  • After-sales possibilities: claim handling
  • Follow-up stats

Graphical & interface design are one of the key elements for attracting consumers. For users it should be as easy as making a facebook comment.

If the demo moves to next level into production there is possibilities to be part of new business.